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Apply to the Program

We're inviting artists of any medium to apply to become a part of the Artist Program through one of our five inaugural “open” rounds. In each round 20 artists will be selected for the program, earning themselves:

  1. A small grant totaling 0.3 ETH to support the creation and minting of a piece of CC0 artwork.
  2. A token that signifies membership in the Artist Program and grants the holder the right to vote on the selection of new members.
  3. Inclusion on the Program's Artist Page, showcasing the artist's information and work as part of the program's collective of talents.

To apply, artists are asked to fill out an application and submit it to the Artist Program open rounds on

Apply Now >

How it Works

  1. Artists apply to Artist Program open rounds.
  2. Artists are selected, awarded an initial grant (0.1 ETH), and given access to mint to the Artist Program collection (mint instructions can be found here).
  3. Artists create and mint their CC0 artwork, optionally splitting rewards with Nouns.
  4. Artists receive the remainder of the grant (0.2 ETH) along with an Artist Program "Artist Token.”
  5. Program Artists can then use the Artist Token to vote in upcoming open rounds.

For more information and details on each aspect of the program please read through the FAQ below or join us on Discord to speak to a Program Director.

Connect With Us on Discord

FAQ & Round Terms

Any artist from any medium is welcome to submit themselves as applicant to open Artist Program rounds. Applying is simple:

  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet to and visit the Artist Program open rounds page.
  2. Submit an application to one of the available open rounds.

The Application should include the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Social media:
  3. Bio / explanation of art style:
  4. A brief description of the artwork or art style you intend to submit with examples, when applicable.

If your initial application is not successful, artists are welcome to submit new proposals in future rounds!

Don't have an Ethereum wallet?

If you don't already have an Ethereum wallet a good place to begin is with Coinbase Wallet or Rainbow Wallet:

*Need More Help? Feel free to join the Artist Program discord to connect with the Program Directors who can help walk you through the process.

0.3 ETH (currently around $700-$1000) split into two payments:

  • 0.1 ETH distributed immediately.
  • 0.2 ETH distributed after completion.

Note: In addition the Program Directors will send over 0.002 Based ETH for you to mint your artwork.

  • Style: Participants are required to submit one original piece of artwork that adheres to the style outlined in their application.
  • Timeline: Submission must occur within six weeks following the approval of their proposal.
  • Public Domain The submitted artwork must be released under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License, placing it in the public domain. This allows others to freely use, modify, and distribute the work without any restrictions. More on CC0 below.

“No Rights Reserved”


CC0, or 'Creative Commons Zero,' is a powerful way for creators to offer their work for anyone to use freely, even for commercial purposes. It's like giving your work to the world with an open invitation to share, adapt, and build upon it, without any restrictions. By choosing CC0, creators such as scientists, educators, and artists allow their copyrighted or database-protected content to enter the public domain. This means that anyone can use these works in any way they see fit—whether that’s creating educational materials, art projects, or even using them in commercial products—without needing to ask for permission or navigate copyright laws.

CC0 is designed to encourage creativity and the free exchange of knowledge by removing barriers to use and innovation. It helps create a global commons of freely available resources that can benefit everyone, across all fields of work and creativity.

For more details on how CC0 can enhance the sharing and utilization of creative works, visit

Minting artwork refers to the process of turning a digital file into a digital asset on a blockchain. This process involves creating a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) that represents ownership and authenticity of the digital artwork.

The process stores your artwork onchain, for life, allowing the creator to:

  • Claim providence over their work, creating an immutable record of their work.
  • Allow others to collect and trade your artwork as a digital asset.
  • Collect royalties and fees associated with their work, for life.

Minting work on the Ethereum blockchain has becoming incredibly simple and straightforward for users with frontends like that allow artists and users to easily bring their works onchain. Visit more info on minting.

Artists accepted into the program will be required to mint their artwork to the blockchain following these instructions.

For the Artist Program, each token holder has 20 votes to distribute among submissions in funding rounds. To vote, token holders must have received their token before the round's start.

Voting occurs on over a 7-day period that begins immediately following the closure of the submission window. Submissions will be open to any artist with an Ethereum wallet.

Voting takes place on Uplink. Visit for more information.

Voting Rights and Token Distribution:

Upon successful submission and minting of their artwork, artists accepted into the program will be awarded an Artist Program “token”.

This token grants them the right to participate in voting on future Artist Program open rounds.

Each artist accepted into the program will receive one token.

Cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and learning how to navigate "web3" can be challenging.

To check out a four chapter course that will walk you through the basics, check out

In addition, we invite you to join the ArtistProgram Discord where a Program Director can help guide you through some of these topics.

Director's Rights and Governance:

The directors play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity, fairness, and success of the Artist Program. To ensure the program operates smoothly and aligns with its foundational principles, directors are endowed with specific rights, including but not limited to:

  • Disqualifying Applications: Directors have the authority to disqualify applications that appear to be malicious in nature. This includes submissions that are intended to harm the community, program, or other artists.
  • Token and Participant Management: The directors may remove individual Artist Tokens from participating in voting or exclude an artist from the program. This action is reserved for instances where there's clear evidence of harmful behavior or violation of program principles, such as attempts at sybil attacks, spamming, or other forms of manipulation.
  • Amending Rules: Directors reserve the right to modify the rules and terms of the program. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to unforeseen challenges, addressing community feedback, and ensuring the program's continuous improvement and relevance.

Guidelines for Directorial Decisions:

To maintain transparency and trust, the directors follow a set of guidelines when exercising their rights:

  • Malicious Intent: Actions are taken against applications or participants that demonstrate intent to disrupt the program, deceive other participants, or otherwise engage in malicious activities.
  • Sybil Attacks and Spam: Efforts to unfairly influence the program through duplicate accounts, spamming, or other deceptive practices will lead to disqualification or removal.
  • Community Harm: Any actions that harm the community’s integrity, trust, or collaborative environment may result in exclusion from voting or program participation.
  • Adaptability and Improvement: Changes to rules and terms will be considered carefully, with the aim of enhancing program effectiveness, fairness, and community value. Any significant changes will be communicated clearly and in a timely manner to all participants.

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